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Committed to manufacturing high quality soft magnetic powder cores in pure iron, iron-alloy and ferrite materials.




Sailcrest Engineers Ltd. was formed in 1968 and quickly estabilshed itself as a leader in the manufacture of soft magnetic powder cores. During the course of the next three decades the company has continued to develop new technologies. The asquisition of Salford Electrical Instruments Ltd. (SEI) enabled the company to further develop the already successful Genalex TM range of iron-alloy cores. By 1990 Sailcrest Engineers Ltd. was recognized as a global supplier of powder metal cores specializing in pure iron and iron-alloy powder cores. Today Sailcrest Magnetics Material Group continues this course of excellence with manufacturing facilities in the lsle of Man and INDIA. Now with a global network of distributors the company is capable of supplying powdered metal cores quickly and competitively to all of its customers.


Quality Assurance


The manufacturing techniques used ensures the highest quality cores are produced. Quality inspection is done at all stages of production with samples being tested in our laboratory during powder preparation and core production. All cores are electrically tested before leaving the factory, while complete trace-ability is provided ensuring complete customer confidence.


Environmental Policy


Our goal is to preserve our planets future. All products manufactured by Sailcrest Magnetics Material Group are environmentally friendly. All packaging materials used are free of wood chipmaterials.




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